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Thermal medicine deals with many chronic pathologies, painful stress factors or incapacities for which only long-term treatments are offered. With no side effects, the spa treatment is for all patients, at any age.

Indicated for rheumatism and diseases of the digestive system, the waters of Plombieres-les-Bains are recognized for their effectiveness to date unequaled in France in the treatment and relief of patients with IBD including Crohn’s disease.

All the spa treatments are carried out at the Napoléon Baths by our team of hydro-therapists and state-certified nurses.

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The thermal spa of Plombieres-les-Bains is officially approved by the Ministry of Health, for the following specialties:


Digestive Apparatus

Digestive system and metabolic disorders (AD) – 4 spa treatments per day

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Rheumatology and sequelae of osteoarticular (RH) trauma – 4 daily spa treatments

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Rheumatology + Digestive system

RH + AD or AD + RH – 6 spa treatments per day including 4 care for primary orientation and 2 care for secondary orientation.