Benefits of the water

Born from deep granitic layers, the waters of Plombieres flow along a seismic fault 1600 meters deep before gushing out in the open, naturally warm and beneficial.

Ever since ancient times, men and women from all France and Northern Europe have come to the healing waters of Plombieres.

Through the centuries, the resort known throughout Great Britain, Germany and Belgium has welcomed many famous writers, engineers, musicians and politicians…

Montaigne, Berlioz and 2 generations of the imperial family has stayed regularly. They have especially appreciated its discreet character and the people’s dedication.

Today, two thousand years later, the waters of Plombieres are famous for their efficiency in treating illnesses linked with the digestive system, rheumatisms and to appease any “aches” of the everyday life: stress, fatigue, tensions, joint pain and intestinal disorders.

Plombieres-les-Bains, known since the Romans, is one of the oldest spas in Europe. The water that springs from the 10 thermal springs, has exceptional characteristics:

Plombieres-les-Bains waters’ characteristics:

– Hyper-thermal (between 50 ° and 85 ° C) making it the hottest water in Europe, with a flow of more than 400,000 liters per day.
– Loaded with rare gases and in particular with radon.
– Charged with trace elements and fluorine in particular (the richest in Europe).
– Lightly mineralized, sweet, with a pH of around 8.5.
– Rich in silica, slightly sulfated, bicarbonated, includes sodium and calcium.
– Of deep granitic origin.

Therapeutic properties of the Plombieres-les-bains waters:

– Antispasmodic effect.
– Analgesic and analgesic effect.
– Anti-inflammatory effect.
– Unwinding effect.
– Relaxing effect favoring the relaxation of the joints.
– Sedative and vasodilator effect.