Entertainment 2019

To liven up your afternoons and complete the spa treatments, naturopath Valérie Prolhac returns this year and offers relaxation / relaxation sessions (Qi Gong, Relaxation, and Meditation) and conference workshops to help a global re-balance of Body.

Valérie Prolhac – Naturopath : 10 € the session – 20 € for 3 sessions

A yoga teacher must also join us to take care of our clients in mini-cures.

Qi Gong - 45 min

Slow, flexible and fluid movements, preceded by a muscular and articular awakening, the Qi Gong allows to stretch the whole body and to mobilize the joints.

– revitalizes the back and releases the breathing capacity.
– massages the internal organs.
– promotes centering, rooting and balance.

Qi Gong is open to all and can be done seated.

Relaxation - 45 min

The principle of the autogenic training method is to induce physiological exercises, a general disconnection of the body.

This technique derived from hypnosis and yoga is one of the practices that inspired sophrology.

Guided Meditation - 45 min

Thanks to the guide in a calm and deep voice, we are invited to let go:

– the breathing is deeper.
– the nervous system is balanced.
– the musculature relaxes.
– the immune system is getting stronger.

Did you know?
At The Napoléon Baths, The Grand Hôtel *** offers a restoration adapted to your pathology (dietetics). Open every day, the Bar welcomes you to its bright and comfortable space.

Free health walks (approximately 6 to 7 km) are organized by Michèle every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Hubert, gardener at the Grand Hotel also offers gardening workshops every two weeks.