Plan your 21 day cure

New in 2019! Great discounts of housing! For more information, please contact +33(0) 3 29 30 07 14.

To plan your cure and your stay safely, we advise you to follow the steps listed below. For booking please call us at +33(0)3 29 30 07 14 or…

Book online

Fill out the form

And mail it to: Compagnie des Thermes, av. des Etats-Unis, 88370 Plombières-les-Bains

Step 1: Request for care

– The prescription of a spa treatment is done through your family doctor. It is therefore he who has to fulfill the request for care. It must specify the orientation or the therapeutic orientations as well as the Plombieres-Les-Bains resort.

– You must then send the completed and signed form to your social security center before the departure date for your chosen course.

– The certificate of care received must include the name of the resort, the orientation (s), the stamp of the social security on each of the 3 components. Patients with two conditions can be treated during the same spa treatment. The order in which the treatment is performed is defined by the attending physician (Rheumatology + Digestive OR Digestive + Rheumatology)

Step 2: Book the cure and the housing

Then book your cure without delay before your housing accommodation!
Indeed, in case of non-availability in our spa, we may have to make you shift your stay in our resort.

1. Book your cure by phone (+33 (0), by e-mail (sejours.plombieres@dgmail.fr) or online  (online reservation).

2. Choose your housing accommodation  (ask for our 2019 special spa rates 2019 03 29 30 07 14):

The Grand Hotel*** (direct access to the Baths)

La résidence** Le Beauséjour (in the city, Baths 250 m. away)

La résidence Le Parc Tivoli (Baths 150 m. away)

3. Choose your doctor (list below) and make an appointment for your arrival

Prepare your stay

What to bring : Anti-slip sandals/flip flops, swimsuit, swim cap

You will need:
– your medical file (lab results, x-rays and other important components…)
– your social security card
– your thermal cure care request approval
– your housing confirmation


Dr Marie-Christine AUPIC – phone: +33(0) – fax: +33(0)

Dr Marie-Noëlle COUVAL – phone: +33(0)

Dr Claude HESLER – phone: +33(0) – fax: +33(0)

Request information :