Treatment area

Sorry! Our baths are closed for the season. Re-opening on March 11th.

The spa treatments and mini cures of our 3800 spa attendees are held in the care space of the Napoléon Baths. It is the only spa center in France, housed in a historic building.

The 3 stories high treatment areas coves 2500 m2 of surface. All the classic thermal treatments are provided: thermal water baths, jet showers, clay applications and heat chambers, physiotherapy massages, soft gymnastics in the thermal water pool and more specific treatments at the resort: pressurized showers, application compresses of thermal water and special care (vaporization and enema).

Did you know?

In Plombieres-les-Bains, the expertise of the care team and the particular soul of the site, contribute to the relaxation of the patients and the efficiency of their treatment.